Other projects

These have included market entry studies for a global refiner marketer, B2B marketing strategy review and implementing a global regulatory compliance programme

Case Study: Alternative product development

Alternative products, when successfully developed and executed provide a means of differentiation and winning increased business profits


Led development of:

  • Alternative fuels for targeted customer applications,

  • Alternative pricing strategies to allow customers flexible solutions for managing their business fuel spend

Taking these products from the conceptual stage through logistics planning to commercial realisation and ongoing management.

Case study: B2B Fuels Business Review


A mature oil company business needed an overhaul of its B2B marketing strategy and channels to market, in order to deliver its growth objectives


Restructuring the strategy for B2B Fuels business, and executing this strategy, through:

  • Optimised customer segmentation and channels to market

  • Ensure the right customer portfolio is in place

  • Disciplined execution of the segmentation

  • Channel of Trade, Pricing and cost management strategies to ensure top-line and bottom-line growth is successfully captured

  • Re-engineering the basic business processes

Case Study: Exposure Management


The client’s business did not track its business price exposure, leading to potentially large unforeseen losses (or gains) due to fluctuation in stock value versus committed purchases and sales

Implementation of exposure management processes to integrate exposure into contracting and pricing processes


  • Provide clarity and transparency on business exposure of B2B contract terms (lifting & pricing structures)

  • Industry best practice for pricing tactics to help win business

  • Hedging & exposure management techniques

  • Development of appropriate tools and performance management process

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