How Grafton Ridge's advisory and project management services can add value to your business

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the range of options available for managing their fuel supply chain and budget, but sometimes and independent guide is needed to help get to the right choice.

I have over 30 years in dealing with volatile oil markets and developing pricing solutions inside the industry.

Now, as an independent advisor and project manager, I can help you work out the right purchasing strategy for your business and help you put it in place.

Increasing demands for cleaner emissions from fuel consumption are continuing to put pressure on industry operations. The range of technical options is diverse and can sometimes mean capital investment traded off against sophisticated renewable fuel options.


Fuel intensive businesses are seeking the best options to meet these new requirements whilst minimising the cost to the enterprise, or to demonstrate industry leadership in the adoption of new standards.

I can help you decide the right renewable fuels approach for your business, and support the implementation.

Renewable and alternative fuels
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The global oil refining sector is in the middle of a phase of fundamental change, driven by a shift in demand patterns towards higher environmental standards. The IMO legislation on Marine Fuels will threaten the profitability of many refineries as they struggle to find homes for high sulphur fuels. Middle distillate trade flows will have to shift fundamentally to cope with demand for lower sulphur products.


Mandates on lower carbon energy from the Paris accord and EU implementation timetables will continue to pressurise traditional mineral oil products, as well as providing opportunities for new producers and innovative refiners. The trend towards larger vessels for economic shipping between the major refining and demand regions will continue.

I have worked for many years in the oil refining and trading sectors, particularly in the interface with inland sales and distribution. I can help your business reposition in this uncertain environment, building new commercial options and improving the profitability of existing business

The European wholesale and commercial fuels market is mature and in many cases shrinking, as demand shifts to alternative fuels and conservation. The industry continues to consolidate and the survivors will be the best in class operators, with not only the most efficient cost structures, but with the best executed innovative commercial strategies.

I have extensive experience of this competitive environment and can help you decide on and implement the best strategic options for your business’s continued success. A staged approach can be tailored to the specific situation of your business, with services including a strategic assessment of business positioning, review of business operations to increase efficiency and maximise commercial opportunities, training to develop the commercial expertise in the business teams, and ongoing tools and ad-hoc support.

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